News — March 22, 2017 at 9:45 am

Renting Property is a Great Choice for Newlyweds

Renting PropertyNewlywed couples enjoy a host of benefits when they opt to rent a house instead of immediately buying one. Renting property will give any couple some control over their finances.

You have just said the precious words “I do,” and the first thing that couples normally wonder about is their home. Should they rent a house or should they purchase one? While the lure of having your own home is strong, it might be prudent to settle first on a house rental. Here are some of the reasons why a rental is best for you:

You are mobile

If you have jobs that take you to other places, then you should consider renting a property. This allows you more mobility. For instance, if your job requires you to stay in one area, it will be easier for you to move without thinking of any added cost. If you purchase a house, you would be compelled to make two payments. One is for your mortgage and the other for your newly rented property.

You are not affected by the market

One good thing about renting is that whatever happens to the real estate market, it has no effect on you and your spouse. For example, if you rent a house in Wellington Point, the only person who would bear the consequences of market volatility is the landlord. You do not need to worry about the value of the house you are renting because you can always move to another location.

You do not need to deal with noisy neighbours

According to Sydney Morning Herald, one advantage when you choose to rent is that you have the freedom to move. For instance, if you feel that you want to travel, or have other life goals in mind, or just want to move away from a neighbour, you can simply move to another area. You can choose areas where you can be closer to work, your children’s school, or your favourite gym. You have so many options when you choose to rent a house.

For newlyweds, renting is a good way to start your married life anywhere in Australia. With the range of houses available for rent in areas like Wellington, you will always find one that will meet your needs.