News — July 17, 2018 at 12:10 pm

Picking the Right Push-On Pipe Fittings for Your Application

Pipe FittingsGetting the right fittings for pneumatic applications can be challenging due to the complexity of the requirements you need to meet. First off, you’ll require considering the type of threading, the air pressure capacity and the correct tubing that will best fit in your compressed air systems. At this point, you’ll note that push-on fittings are fit for applications that require high-pressure pipe fittings for secure, leak-free connections.

Well, that’s because push-on pipe fitting can withstand the pressure in operations. Nonetheless, you should be keen to select quality push-on fittings irrespective of the industrial pressure application in which you’ll be using them. It’s imperative you consider the following:


Push-on pipe fittings have two primary components: the body and nut. These two parts should have an accurate model to ensure perfect sealing in joints. The model should also enable the fitting to withstand the pressure in pressurised industrial systems and corrosion from the chemicals.

Different applications, however, will require you use unique designs for each. Therefore, consult with your supplier of compressed air equipment and industrial pipework to determine which push-on fittings model will be best for your industrial pressure applications.

Temperature and Pressure Ratings

Your mechanical pressure applications will determine the features that should go into modelling your pipe fittings. Temperature and pressure ratings are among the most critical features here. Your choice of material will also determine whether your pipe fittings can sustain pressure and extreme temperatures. Typically, stainless steel is the best option for efficient pressure pipe fittings in industrial systems.

The best rule always is: Choose fittings that have a manufacturer’s optimal efficiency recommendation label. However, in instances where you require customised pipe fittings, you’ll need to approach the manufacturer with the model of push-on fittings you need for your compressed air systems. The design will help with maintaining consistent precision in your high-pressure pipe fittings.