Lifestyle — September 7, 2018 at 1:00 am

What Makes Your Home So Appealing to Thieves?

burglar slowly creeping inside the house with his crowbarDoes your home seem to have some scents lingering and swirling in the air that attracts burglars (figuratively)? What is that little something ″special” that’s making your home so attractive to thieves? To know how to maintain the security of your home, keep reading.

A neglected house

Since Burglars want to go in and out unnoticed, neglecting home may be an indication that you’re away. Permitting your grass to grow high and lagging behind on repairs are all signs of home neglect. Broken basement windows, back doors, garage doors all may provide discreet entrances to your house.

Broken Garage doors are particularly attractive to thieves so if yours is broken. Just ask Steel City Garage Doors. Talk to Pittsburgh garage door repair services and have them repair it immediately.

Availability of burglary tools

Having items like step stools, ladders, or even lawn furniture in an unlocked shed can be a big temptation for burglars. A thief can, for instance, pull a sturdy lawn chair under a window to provide easy access through that window. If you don’t want a burglar inside your house, don’t provide the aid.

No possible witnesses

It turns out that close-knit neighborhoods might play a role in the security of your home. Reports from burglars listed lack of proximity from other people as a top factor of homes they found attractive.

Proximity included inconsistent patterns such as neighbors, traffic and how often people walk by your home. The more the people present, the higher the chances of a 9-1-1 call. In the mind of a burglar, every person who passes your house could potentially get him caught.

So, maintaining a friendly neighborhood is a factor to keeping thieves off your home. Getting to know your neighbors and requesting them to keep an eye when you’re away may deter thieves.

Burglars never target a home randomly; they calculate and ascertain that their mission will not attract attention. Proper home maintenance, keeping your compound free from tools burglars could use, and maintaining good relations with neighbors might all seem trivial, but these will increase your home’s security.