Health — April 1, 2017 at 1:00 am

Assisted Living: How Memory Care Supports Seniors

Patient With Dementia

Deciding on letting a loved one live in an assisted living or memory care facility is never easy. Most family members feel reluctant to let their parents or grandparents live in these facilities. However, memory care is the fastest growing segment in senior care because of the huge benefits it offers.
Memory care facilities is a special place for older adults who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This illness affects one’s memory, personality, and reasoning. Memory care facilities in Layton are specialized treatment options that offer specific features tailored for seniors who have these debilitating illnesses.


Memory care treatment programs often feature various activities like group learning, exercise, sensory stimulation, relaxation, socialization, and art therapy. Apart from these activities, they offer a secure environment that allows healthy wandering, color-coded hallways to support independence and reduce anxiety, low staff-to-senior ratio, and an emergency response team that is available around the clock.

Benefits Of Memory Care

Caring for older people with dementia can be a daunting task for the family. It requires the ability to cope each day with patience and compassion. The house needs to be safe, organized and dementia-friendly. In memory care, the staff focuses on caring for people with these particular requirements.
Moreover, some people regularly socialize with residents. They have games, activities, or share a meal. All these contribute to an increased quality of life. Aside from these, the program is designed to promote independence and help the patients cope with their condition.
Through effective programs, they intend to decrease the incidence of falls and injuries, fewer emergency visits, lesser violent behaviors, increased independence, and improved mental functioning among the patients.
Opting for memory care doesn’t mean the family is leaving the senior in the care of others. It means keeping in mind what’s best for them in a safe and caring environment.