General — September 13, 2018 at 1:00 am

An Overview of Bullets Designed for Hunting

hunter and his dog walking in the fieldsMost people nowadays prefer using guns during their hunting trips. The weapons are easier to handle, more accurate, and do not need exceptional skills to manipulate. The critical element that determines the success of gun hunting is the bullet that you choose.

Different bullets are available in a hunting store like D&R Sports Center. They are categorized according to their shape, construction, and weight. Structure is the primary element that determines a bullet’s efficiency. Here are three types of specially constructed hunting bullets:

Frangible Bullets

These break up into tiny pieces on impact with an animal. Their penetration is limited, and the damage that they inflict is generally on the surface. Frangible bullets are the safest option when hunting in semi-populated regions since they have a minimal risk of rebounding. They are used for killing animals that weigh not more than 30 pounds.

Non-expanding Bullets

These bullets retain their shape as they penetrate their target. The penetration of a non-expanding bullet is higher compared to that of frangible and expanding bullets since its frontal area remains constant as it penetrates a target. Non-expanding bullets do not cause considerable damage and are generally not used for hunting big game.

Expanding Bullets

These deform as they penetrate a target. As expanding bullets grow to about twice their initial diameter, they cause considerable harm to internal organs and bones, killing the animal quickly. Expanding bullets are typically used for hunting creatures that weigh at least 30 pounds.

Gun hunting is not as easy as loading any bullet into a rifle and shooting your target. When choosing cartridges, you should ensure that they match the gun you intend to use. With the right weapons, your hunt is guaranteed to be a success.