Business — September 21, 2018 at 2:26 am

Acoustic Absorption Panels: Controlling and Managing Sound

Interior DesignWhether you are planning to put up your own music studio, designing office walls, or just plainly preventing acoustic issues around your home, soundproofing is now a key element in the architecture and construction of buildings, particularly home and workspaces.

There are now a number of innovative wall and ceiling panel systems available on the market. Created for specific purposes, they help you solve sound problems in and around your home or office. Particularly with acoustic absorption panels, sound can be controlled and managed with relatively no trouble.

Controlling sound

The environment that surrounds our living and working spaces produces sound from natural and artificial sources. Especially with the latter, sound that interferes (i.e. noise) with daily activities can be a challenge. Communicating with people can easily be hampered. Focusing on tasks that require little or zero noise would be impossible.

But with walls and ceilings panelled with sound absorption material, sound is controlled at a desired frequency level. Work settings with proper panel systems can lead to more productive workers, while homes become a more relaxing place to live in.

Managing sound

Through the use of more advanced materials, sound can be managed. Excessive noise and sounds coming from many sources are minimised with better soundproofing and sound absorption properties of such materials.

Acoustic panels come in different types each with specific objective of absorbing a certain range of sound frequencies. Typical materials used are foam and mineral fibre. By trapping sound waves, they limit the echo produced. The converted sound then becomes heat that is then released in the environment.

Modern wall and ceiling panel systems like acoustic panels are now built to limit the negative effects of environmental sound. They help us use spaces more efficiently by controlling and managing sound from all types of sources.